Meet Dr. Glick


  • University of Michigan, Bachelor of Economics
  • Doctorate: Columbia University of New York, Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)
  • Post-doctoral residency: Denver Health Medical Center, General Dentistry

About the Doctor
Dr. Jeremy Glick hails from Ventnor, New Jersey – a beach town next to Atlantic City, attending Atlantic City High School.

After graduating from The University of Michigan Dr. Glick grew his passion for dentistry during a year-long volunteering opportunity at a small dental clinic in the Philippines. He volunteered treating pts in a small clinic on the island of Bohol, and when he wasn’t volunteering he was able to explore almost the entire country, and experienced the amazing culture, warmth and affection the Filipino community offers.
New York took him to Columbia University to earn his DDS, and Denver called him to a year-long residency in general dentistry at Denver Health.
The chance encounter with Colorado sold him on his love for the state, and he now chooses to practice dentistry here in Denver and call it his home.

Dr. Glick loves to hike up the mountains in the warmer months, and snowboard down them in the colder months.

He has hiked 27 of the 58 “14er” peaks in his two years in Colorado, and hopes to continue his pursuit of climbing as many as he can.

Fitness, nutrition, and mental acuity are a heavy focus in Dr. Glick’s lifestyle. He is an avid reader and enjoys studying topics of motivation, behavior, and human growth and development.

Dr. Glick speaks Spanish as a second language. He started learning Spanish on a high school mission trip to Nicaragua. This trip fueled a passion for both language and travel in his life.

Continuing Spanish through college, he managed to become fluent and is now proud to be able to serve a more diverse community in his profession.

Clinically, Dr Glick had a great experience treating emergencies at Denver Health, and offering same day treatment via extractions, root canals and other procedures. Dr Glick took a particular liking and found himself to be successful and efficient in performing surgical procedures.